Weatherwall Air Conditioners

Weatherwall Air Conditioners are an older type of air conditioning unit which are no longer available for purchase although the team at Wayelec can still service and repair some weatherwall units. If a replacement machine is required in most cases we would recommend a split system air conditioner be installed.

What is a Weatherwall Air Conditioner?

A Weatherwall air conditioner is a large rectangular unit which is attached through a wall and only cools and/or heats a single room. The air is distributed through a vent on the front of the unit.

Can you Repair a Weatherwall Air Conditioner?

Yes, Wayelec technicians are able to service and repair weatherwall units depending on the problem and parts required. Wayelec prides itself on our ability to work on a wide variety of units, and if it can be fixed we will do our best to do so.

Can you Replace a Weatherwall Air Conditioner?

As Weatherwall Air Conditioners are no longer available they cannot be replaced. Should you wish to replace a Weatherwall unit with a RAC or Split System unit, we can take care of the removal and disposal of the Weatherwall and the installation of the new Air Conditioner. However you would need to arrange for the hole in the wall to be patched by your local builder or handyman service.

Care & Maintenance

Weatherwall units have an air filtration system which collects dust and dirt particles in the air and stops these particles being distributed through the air vents into the air you breathe. These filters need to be removed and cleaned every 3-6 months.